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a number of demonstrative Southern girls who

se only sin had been extravagant talk and pro-Confederacy cheering. They were taken to Kansas City and imprisoned in a dilapidated tenement close upon a steep place. Food was flung to them at intervals, and brutal guards sang ribald songs and used indecent language in their presence. With these women, tenderly nurtured129 and reared, were two of Will Anderson’s sisters. Workin

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Anderson knew nothing of the real struggles

of the war, nor of the imprisonment of his sisters. A quiet, courteous, fair-minded man who took more delight in a book than in a crowd, he had a most excellent name in Randolph County, Missouri, where he was born, and in Johnson County, Kansas, where he was living in 1862. Destiny had to deal with him, however. The old rickety, ramshackle building in which were the huddled wo

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brutes who bellowed about it. At night and

in the darkness it was undermined, and in the morning when a little wind blew upon it and it was shaken, it fell with a crash. Covered up, the faces disfigured, the limp, lifeless bodies were past all pain! Dead to touch, or kiss, or passionate entreaty, Anderson’s eldest sister was taken from the ruins a corpse. The younger, badly injured in the spine, with one leg broken and

This is Just Going To Be Another Test Post

to tell the terrible story of it all to a g

entle, patient brother kneeling before her at her bedside and looking up above to see if God were there. Soon a stir came along the border. A name new to the strife was beginning to pass from band to band and about the camp fires to have a respectful hearing. “Anderson?” “Anderson?” “Who is this Anderson?” The Guerrillas asked one of another. “He kills130 them all. Qua